This just in, a blast from the past from my last UK tour with the Water Tower Bucket Boys.  The OnPar Productions guys traveled with us for a little bit and we shot two live videos up on the Tor in Glastonbury.  Its apparently the heart chakra of the earth.  Thanks to Owl from Owlsworld for sharing this!

From last month, here’s Colin, Frank, and I jamming on the old Grey Eagle at the Arcata Playhouse, with a bigfoot jug band!  Its pretty fun to play shows with an instrument I built myself!

Another vid from the Humboldt Live Sessions with my friend and neighbor Lyndsey Battle!

Colin and I shot a video with Chuck Johnson for a new live video series that he’s working on.  The song is Turkle Dove!

Check out his YouTube channel for more live videos!

Here’s the clip of Walter Spencer's song “Weed” from S8E8 of Weeds!  The clip starts right in the middle of my guitar intro and gets sillier from there, as some sort of lab work gets done…